Friday, December 15, 2017

Final Update...Part 1

I thought I could get one last update on here, but there were WAY too many things I wanted to show you. So this will be part 1 of 2 Final...really final...updates.   Let me catch y'all up on what has happened since we signed our contract on our new home last year.  While we were waiting for our home to be built, there was lots of fun stuff going on!

Jay and I got to take an overnight trip to the Yadkin Valley area.  Who knew there were actually some decent wines in NC?!  Some of the wineries, like Raffaldini above, were so incredibly beautiful.

We pigged out on so much ice cream!  One of our favorites is Kilwin's in Birkdale Village.  Wyatt was so stressed out about swimming lessons when he first started going, that it was my bribe to do what his swim coach asked.  Now he's a swimming rock star.

We had more city exploring to do... a walk down the Charlotte Rail Trail was really cool.  You are side by side with the light rail, which the kids loved to see.  Plus you are always steps away from restaurants and shops.

Fall is such an awesome time here.  Being a Floridian, there is really only one season, summer.  While we were in Canada I really appreciated the fall colors and the beauty of each season.  Plus it doesn't hurt that there are fall festivals here every. single. weekend. in October.

With Fall Festivals come pumpkin picking!  We sure did get a big one last year.  Luckily the BOB came to the rescue.

It was Luke's first Halloween!  The little cutie was almost 1, and his first costume was a hand-me-down from his big bro.  Wyatt wanted them to be dogs since dogs were the "nicest and cutest".  Melts my heart.

We also got to do some adventuring in Grandfather Mountain.  It was way to dang cold that day!  But it is a beautiful area that has lots of trails and even a wildlife center where the kids loved to peek at all the animals.

Then Luke turned 1!  His first year really flew by.  It seemed like such a blur, which made me even more sad my youngest was growing up.

Christmas festivities began and we now had a new favorite activity... going to watch the singing bears at Birkdale Village, right across from Wyatt's fave ice cream.  I think Wyatt could have gone every day, but I might have gone crazy.

We saw Santa, and they both were perfect!  I was in shock.  Wyatt was so excited, and Luke was just so chill about the whole thing.

Christmas was awesome.  We had our family in town from across the pond, and made lots of memories.

We even got some snow!  Luckily I got the last sled at Costco, apparently once there is snow in the forecast here, sleds sell out in a hot minute.  Wyatt had a blast and Luke was... chill as usual.

In what I promise to be the final final update, I'll fill you in on our 2017!

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