Friday, November 24, 2017

Our Move to NC

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! We definitely had a great one over here. I will be putting up the recap soon! But first, let’s get on with that update I promised you….

We had so much fun in Tallahassee the last few months we were there. Wyatt turned the big 3!

Not a fan of "Happy Birthday", haha!

 Luke had his first sit up grocery shopping ride.

 Of course we had to have one last time at our favorite little sausage joint, Bradley’s Country Store.

 Our neighborhood playground was so nice in Tally! I really miss the long walks and the live oak trees.

 It was also so nice to be able to take a day trip to the beach. St. George Island is a beautiful place and was only 1 hour away.

Luke's first beach trip

 Unfortunately we knew we couldn’t stay in Tallahassee for long due to Jay’s work. We thought long and hard about the future of our family and where we wanted to be for us and his career. So we decided to make the move to Charlotte!

Wyatt actually enjoyed packing up his room

Luke turned 7 months old right before our move

 We opted to rent a house before we made the big decision to buy. The weekend before July 4, 2016, we made the road trip from Tallahassee to Charlotte. Surprisingly enough, both kids did really well! 

The start of our 10 hour road trip

the first hour in our first house in Huntersville

Our house is just north of Charlotte, in the awesome town of Huntersville. There are tons of families, lots of things to do, and my number 1 priority… Publix. No joke, I wanted to be within 10 minutes of a Publix when we moved. A Florida girl has to have one in her life.

First double cart ride!  At our Publix in Huntersville

Our summer was fun, we got to explore our new city and some of the beautiful places around it. Even though we don’t have the beach close by, it sure is nice to have the mountains.  We love going to Blowing Rock and stopping at Blowing Rock Brewery.  It's a great little town with shopping and a playground in the center of the action.

Blowing Rock Brewery amazing beer and food in the mountains

Back at home, we spend lots of time at Discovery Place Kids! It’s so nice to have a children’s museum so close to us... only a 10 minute drive away!

Another one of our favorites is Jetton Park. It has a beautiful (and stroller friendly!) trail along the shore of Lake Norman, plus a great playground.

Another good perk of living in Charlotte is all the breweries!  There are still so many I want to try out.

When we got settled in, we began our search for a home. We looked in many different neighborhoods but couldn’t find our ideal layout. So we ended up going the new construction route. After looking at almost all the new construction builders in our area, we finally found the right combination of lot and layout. I couldn't believe that after years of traveling, we were settling down and truly making our home.

on our lot!

Next up: the last update post.  Hope y'all are having a fun Black Friday!  Whether that means shopping, decorating, or relaxing...

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