Friday, November 13, 2015

The Ravenous Baby: 35 - 38 Weeks

Hello there folks!  It's been way too long.  I'm soaking up all the Wyatt and relaxation time I can get, so blogging has been on the backburner for now.  But I really wanted to give everyone an update, especially since our little nugget will be here in 5 days.  Yikes!

How far along? 38 Weeks

Food size: Watermelon (about 19.5" and 7 lbs)

Total weight gain: 33 lbs (exactly what I gained with Wyatt at 41 weeks at my last weigh in)

Exercise: BodyPump has gone out the window!  Lots of the moves were getting uncomfortable... especially the lunges.  But I've been walking and doing a few upper body exercises on my own.  

Sleep/Dreams:  Sleep is okay.  I toss and turn all night long, mostly due to hip pain which I get when I'm on one side for too long.  The other night I was awake from 3am - 5 am, which royally sucked!  But I ended up continuing the book I've been reading forever, Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes, on my phone.  It's a good read!

Movement: Lots of rolling around in there for sure.  He loves to stick his little booty out and sometimes that can get a little painful.

Symptoms: I get pretty tired in the afternoons on most days.  But surprisingly enough, I had lots of energy yesterday even though I only had about 5 hours of sleep. I've noticed swelling in my hands and feet more.

Preggo Brain Moments: ... having one right now

Food cravings: I'm still craving all the sweets.

Food aversions:  None

Maternity Clothes: I'm officially sick of maternity tops, especially since most of mine are tight on me now and I definitely don't want to spend money on more shirts.  But still loving those jeans!

Belly Button/ Stretch Marks: Still in (but flat), and none yet.

Gender: Boy!

What I miss: REAL Sushi and Italian subs

Best moment this past week:   Having one on one time with Wyatt, especially since he's been in such a great mood lately!  I'm trying to cherish my last moments with him being my only child.

What I am looking forward to this week: Meeting our little man!