Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chillin in O-town

We're back in Tallahassee!  At least this week.  We are going back to Orlando when my mom has surgery.  Her right rotator cuff was torn from the accident and now they have to check her left shoulder as well.  I'm praying she doesn't need surgery on both arms!  While we were there, we went to a lot of appointments and Wyatt got to explore Orlando a little bit more.  At mom's first therapy appointment he was actually intrigued by Despicable Me!

During appointment number 2 we ventured over to East End Market, a cool little (mostly food) marketplace in O-town.  We got some green juice and got a table outside.  It was SO hot!  But the indoor seating is scarce... and all barstools from what I saw.  It would be much more enjoyable to come back when the weather is nice.

While at Madre's I always make cuban coffee.  I would usually have the whole pot straight up, but a couple shots in a cafe con leche would have to do the trick for me this time around.

Of course there were some amazing pastelitos from ZaZa's to round out my breakfast.  The skinny one was a quesito, a sweet cheese filled delight.  The other is a guava and cheese pastry.  If you have never had one of these you are missing out!  I wish I could find some in Tallahassee.

Then we were off to another appointment, and Wyatt and I went to the park so he could get in some outside playtime before the heat creeped in.  Man... Florida summers make me miss Canada.

After Madre's doctor's appointment, we went to the hospital so she could get the stitches above her eye taken out.  We played in the fountain for a while until...
Wyatt: Mama, go away.
Me:  Oh, so you can put your bus in the water?
Wyatt: Okay!
Me:  I don't think so.
Wyatt: Go away now!

On Saturday Ma had her MRI and we stopped at the Winter Park Farmers Market.  They have a pretty good selection of produce and prepared foods.  Wyatt got his first popsicle!  He wanted the "orangey one", so I got the orange cream which was delicious.  I ate about half since it was melting so quickly.  He hasn't mastered those popsicle eating skills yet.

We left later that day for the long drive back to Tally.  Wyatt has been surprisingly good on these car trips.  I always make sure we leave around his nap time so he can sleep at least a little bit. Plus it's a good thing he loves looking at cars!  See ya soon Orlando.


  1. It's good he's doing so well with traveling! Good news!

  2. My grandma lives in Jacksonville, so we drive through Tallahassee several times a year! I love your blog and am so excited to follow along and read more! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  3. Hoping for quick healing for your mom! I love the little quote... they think they are so sneaky. ;)


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