Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Weekend in Paradise

We had a short, but amazing weekend in Destin. I was in college the last time I was there so it had been a while! The drive there from Tallahassee wasn't bad at all... a little over 2 1/2 hours. Wyatt took his nap in the car so it worked out perfectly. As soon as we got there we had an amazing lunch at The Bay, where this kick-@$$ key lime pie came from.  I want more!  Full review of The Bay coming this week.

We go there a little too early to check in to the hotel, so we wasted some time at Alvin's "tropical department store", there are tons of those there!

As soon as we got to our room at the Embassy Suites, Wyatt started lining up his cars.  I was only going to bring a dozen or so, but Wyatt packed all of them up on his own.  Those were the only toys we brought for him and it sure kept him entertained.

Then we hit the beach!  Wyatt was dying to get into that crystal clear water.

I love that Embassy Suites has a nightly happy hour.  I was pounding cranberry and vodka soda, and jealous of Jay's beers.  Wyatt had fun munching on some grilled cheese while he was strolling around the booth.  He was even waving hi to himself.

Saturday was another great day...we are so lucky to have friends in Destin with a boat.  They took us to Crab Island, a shallow area near the harbor that gets packed!

Wyatt was doing great for his first time on a boat!  He was a little wobbly, but then his sea legs kicked in.  But he did not like when the boat was turned on, he kept saying "no motor".  The kid is not a fan of loud noises, but he sure isn't afraid to yell.

Since Wyatt didn't take a nap on Saturday, we were trying to avoid going straight back to the hotel so he wouldn't fall asleep too early.  Distraction with ice cream always does the trick!  Bruster's was a great place to get a treat.

We had to check out by 11 on Sunday, so we ate an early breakfast at the hotel... love the breakfast at Embassy Suites.  Plus I loved even more that I didn't have to do any dishes over the weekend, woohoo.  Then we headed straight to the beach for an hour more of playtime before we had to get on the road.

It was a great getaway!  We hope to go back there again before we leave Tallahassee for our next destination.  What did you do on your last weekend getaway?

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  1. So glad you guys had a great trip!! I love Destin!


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