Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sittin on the Dock of The Bay

This review is long overdue.  On our way to our Destin weekend, Wyatt woke up just after we got off the interstate.  My hunger bitchitis was about to kick in, and I was looking at Yelp for the best and closest place to eat.  The Bay had awesome reviews, and was on the water... done and done.

Our eyes might have been a little bigger than our tummies, so we did get quite alot.  The menu was so good!  First up were the unique and delicious Point Washington Rolls.  Spring rolls stuffed with alligator (yup, that's right, gator), tasso and poblano.  These were savory and spicy perfection.  Even Wyatt liked them!

Wyatt spent the rest of his time munching on Pirate's Booty and eating his fish fingers.  He was surprisingly well behaved, especially after a long car ride.

My main dish was the Lobster Roll.  I LOVE lobster rolls, and I couldn't pass it up when I saw it on the menu.  I have to say... it was one of the better ones I've ever had.  Perfectly toasted slightly sweet roll, tender chunks of lobster, and not overly sauced up.  My side dish, Potatoes Montgomery, was equally awesome.  It was like a potato au gratin with sweet and regular potatoes, with just enough cheese and onion in the mix.  I have to try to make this at home one day.

Jay got the Faux Ya Ya, a take on shrimp and grits.  From the menu... Grilled polenta cakes with smoked fontina and Romano cheese, topped with a sauté of pancetta and prosciutto, crimini mushrooms, arugula and cream crowned with spiced shrimp.  I stole a bite or two and was glad I did.  The crispy polenta was such a nice complement to the sauce and shrimp.  Jay said it was one of his fave "shrimp & grits" he's had so far.

Then the grand finale, Key Lime Pie.  This delicious slice looked so gigantic, but we polished that sucker off pretty quickly.  The perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Have you ever tried gator before?  Shrimp & grits?

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