Friday, June 19, 2015

Sidecar Saturday

We had another great date night in Tallahassee last weekend at Sidecar Gastrobar.  We arrived around 7:30 and there were a couple of free tables.  After snatching one up, we were quickly greeted by our server who brought over water.  It was much needed for me.  I'm always SO thirsty.  We quickly ordered some tasty appetizers.  First up, something I have never ever had before... duck wings.  The Thai Duck Wings were amazing!  They had a sticky, spicy and slightly sweet sauce that was perfection.

Our 2nd appetizer was the made to order Chicharrones.  Yes to fried pork skin!  They were addictively good and super crunchy.  The only issue was that some pieces weren't as well seasoned as the others.

Now for the entrees!  We split both of them (as usual) so we could taste everything.  The scallops were cooked perfectly and had a great sear. I wasn't too sure about the mashed potatoes as an accompaniment, but Jay loved it together.

Then I dug into the shrimp and grits.  We have been on a shrimp and grits roll lately, trying them whenever they are on a menu.  These were very unique!  It was a tomato based sauce with these awesome crispy bits of sausage.  The cheese grits also had more flavor added to it than the usual grits in this dish, maybe worcestershire sauce was one?

Alas, no dessert on this menu!  But I was super stuffed anyway.  I definitely want to come back to try their sandwiches, they all looked amazing.  Are you planning on dining out this weekend?

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  1. Interesting! I haven't seen shrimp and grits before with a tomato based sauce. Grits aren't really my thing, but there's one place here in Memphis where I actually do like them! I'm not sure what magic they put in them, but they are tasty! Glad you enjoyed this!


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