Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Caverns & Cake

Those were just two of the highlights from our fun weekend!  Wyatt was ready for the outdoors.

We have a to-do list for our stint in Tallahassee, and we crossed one off when we went to Florida Caverns State Park.  I went when I was a little girl, but didn't remember much except seeing bats.

Even though we weren't lucky enough to see any bats, the tour was fun!  It was a 40-minute walk through different chambers.  There was alot of ducking involved, but nothing strenuous.  A bonus was that Wyatt was really well behaved!  He even said "this is fun!".  I think it helped that there was a 4 year old on the tour with us that he could stalk have fun with.

After the cavern tour we went to check out the Blue Hole, a spring in the state park.  The water was beautiful, but cold!  A few brave kids jumped on in.  We didn't bring our swim suits, darn.

We also had a great meal at El Patron in Tallahassee.  Is it "authentic" Mexican food, probably not.  But it was delicious.  Wyatt wanted to sit by all by himself in the big boy seat... that lasted a few minutes before he wanted to "walk a bit".  He cannot sit still!  The full review is coming soon.

Last but not least, I was a bad girl for eating cake for dinner one night.  Jay spoiled me by getting some yummy looking slices at Publix.  The carrot cake and chocolate cake really hit the spot.  We devoured the cake while we watched Nightcrawler on Netflix.  Jake Gyllenhaal was amazingly creepy in this film.  The fact that he didn't get nominated for an Oscar baffles me.

See any good movies this weekend?  Eat any good desserts?

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  1. I haven't seen a movie since I can't remember when! But I do LOVE Sons of Anarchy on Netflix - I'm finishing up season 6 now. I love quasi-authentic mexican food - quac + salsa + cheese = heaven!


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