Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Ravenous Baby: 14 Weeks

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend!  I meant to do a post yesterday, but Wyatt was not having nap time...grr.  That makes for a very tired mommy.  By the time he went to sleep last night I was completely exhausted.

But I'm happy to say I'm in the 2nd Trimester!  I'm starting to look pregnant, which is a relief since I basically looked like I was always coming back from a buffet pig-out for the past 2 months.  Here is how my 14th week is going so far...

How far along? 14 weeks + 1 day

Food size: Lemon

Total weight gain/loss: 4.4 lbs

Exercise: Got in 5 workouts!  2 BodyPump classes, 1 Zumba, 1 day with some Treadmill and Weights, and a 3 mile walk.

Sleep/Dreams:  Vivid pregnancy dreams are back this week.  I had a really freaky dream where very large spiders were trying to attack me, not fun!

Movement: Not yet

Symptoms: Had a 24 hour period with headaches, ugh!  Some mild cramping yesterday.

Food cravings: I want to slather butter on everything.

Food aversions:  I'm still not really into cold chicken, but I did eat it once and tolerated it.

Maternity Clothes:  Still not really wearing any, but I have some very forgiving shorts.  I just got a delivery from Gap & Target.  The Gap shorts are a return, boo.  But I kept the dress & bathing suits from Target.  Looking forward to getting my 1st Stitchfix next week!

Belly Button/ Stretch Marks: Still in, and none yet.

Gender: We find out on June 29!

What I miss: Publix Ultimate Sub, every time I pass a Publix I think about how badly I want one.

Best moment this past week:  Having the hubby home for a long 3 day weekend, and having my Dad & Stepmom here for a visit.

What I am looking forward to this week:  We are off to Destin for the weekend, woohoo!

Do you have any beach vacations planned for the summer? Have you been to Destin? Any recommendations there?


  1. So exciting! I will say that I tried StitchFix Maternity twice and was so disappointed! It was so much more expensive that stuff I found at Pinkblush or Target/Old Navy and SO PLAIN! I wanted something that I couldn't find anywhere else.

    Excited to see what you get in your box!

  2. I love Destin! Pompano Joe's is great and there's also a yoga class on the beach!

  3. WEEEHOOOO babbbbbyyy. I love Wyatt's photo bomb.

  4. "I want to slather butter on everything" so funny. I remember that feeling!


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