Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Faves!

I finally got around to do another Friday Favorites post!  This one is all about the food I've been loving this week.

Of course, what pregnant woman can pass up dessert?  This slice of heaven is Key Lime Pie is from Up the Creek Raw Bar in Apalachicola. It was the perfect slice... creamy and tangy.   Since I can't drink, dessert is my happy hour.  I think I will be making my own Key Lime Pie very soon.

I am obsessed with Frank's!  It's a must on my morning eggy toast.  It's also really good on popcorn, trust me.

Since I've been against chicken on my salad lately (which was my protein of choice since forever), I've been eating tempeh from Trader Joe's.  I've been preparing it super easily... just slice it up, drizzle some honey on it, and nuke it for about 40 seconds.  Then it's ready to dump onto a salad.

Last but certainly not least are Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Jumbles.  Don't buy this if you hate awesomeness.  It's sweet, chocolatey, and crunchy with a hint of saltiness at the end.  I try to limit myself to 1 a day, but it's very hard to reject a 2nd one.

Life In Leggings

What have you been craving lately?

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  1. Ooh Key Lime Pie! Yum! Haven't had that since I lived in the Florida Keys for a summer but it was so good!


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