Monday, January 19, 2015

All You Can Eat Sushi

I'm really going to miss our favorite all-you-can-eat sushi place here in Canada, Masa.  We have been there at least a dozen times over the past year.  They seat you with a menu and a pencil, so you can select all the goodies you want.

After handing over the menu, we wait for our parade of food to begin.  First up is always the seaweed salad.  It's not a huge portion, but of course you can always order more.

Sushi usually comes out next from the kitchen.  Here is white tuna and salmon sushi.  For some reason this restaurant, and most other AYCE places don't have red tuna.  The sushi here always tastes very fresh.  Exactly how it should be.

Now for the rolls!  My favorite at Masa is the Pink Lady (lower left).  It's a salmon bonanza... salmon with tempura crunchies, topped with more salmon and spicy sauce.

They have so many other good things on the menu.  We always get gyoza...

...and shrimp tempura of course. Crispy and delicious!

They have tasty teriyaki dishes too.  Jay always orders the steak and the spicy chicken.

We will really miss this place!  The food and service are great.  The unlimited sushi doesn't hurt either :)  Do you like sushi?  What is your go-to sushi order?


  1. I love sushi, although my version of sushi isn't technically sushi. HA. I like brown rice rolls with ALL THE VEGGIES!

  2. Oh my gosh! So much deliciousness in one place. I would be in trouble with all you could eat sushi!

  3. So jealous. I love sushi! When I lived in Green Bay (Wisconsin), we had a lot of awesome sushi restaurants. They aren't as good in Stevens Point, so we usually just settle for them. I love my spicy tuna rolls and seaweed salad is one of my favorite starters, too.

  4. Not a fan of fish, but the steak and chicken has me drooling!


  5. Oh my goodness, it all looks SO good! You have me hungry for sushi!

  6. The format of the menu itself sounds awesome!
    I love vegetarian/vegan sushi rolls if available :)!!


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