Wednesday, December 17, 2014

While Wyatt is Napping...

I remember the good old days, when Wyatt would take 5 naps a day, ahh.  Maybe those little moments of peace are made for brand new moms to have adjustment time.  Now at 20 months old, Wyatt takes 1 nap a day.  I try to put him in his crib about 5 hours after he wakes up (which is usually around 11 am).  He will sleep anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours.  I attempt to get things done that I can't really accomplish while he is awake... or if it's been an extra rough morning just relax.  Last week I decided to make an attempt at food photography.  I would love to take a class on this someday!

A few times a week, I actually get a workout in.  Last week I was taking advantage of the free 2-week trial of barre3, courtesy of The Fitnessista.  Man do those workouts burn!

Then when I think about working out but don't actually want to exercise I work on my fitness calendar. Green = done!, yellow = partially done, red = i'm lazy. I try to schedule in 30 minutes of working out a day.  That seems about what I have time for.  After the holidays I really need to make an effort to exercise more, even if it means a 5 am wake up time, ugh.

Wyatt's nap time is also a perfect time to eat!  I usually eat my lunch at some point during his nap, unless I really want him to try my food. Sometimes I sneak snacks in his bowls.  These are roasted chickpeas, crunchy & delicious!  They are made by the Good Bean.  I found them once in Costco, but haven't seen them since, boo!

Once in a blue moon I try to organize something.  A blue moon is once a year right?  Organization is not one of my strong suits.  This week I've been trying to organize my over 800 "Delicious Food" pins into more specific categories.  Too bad every time I do this, hunger takes over my brain, hehe.

How do you stay organized?
To all the mamas out there... what do you do during your kiddo's nap?

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