Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Just Another Thanksgiving Recap

Howdy folks!  I'm a little late on the game for showing off all our Turkey day eats, but here they all in all their glory.  Our Thanksgiving preparation started on Wednesday with the hubby performing a little turkey injection.  The injection consisted of a homemade vinaigrette mixed with some extra herbs and spices.

We were aiming to eat dinner around 4 so Wyatt could have an enjoyable meal with us before his nighttime routine began.  We all shared some of this local brew as an appetizer.

The star of the meal, our fried turkey, was looking good!  It was very hard not to pick at it while we were letting it rest.  It's hard to resist that crispy skin.

We were finally ready to eat!  We put out our spread and sat to admire it for a minute or two before our rumbling stomachs took over.  Notice what is missing?.... veggies!  We went green free this year, hehehe.

Who knew cranberry sauce was SO easy to make?!

Look at that beauty!  All carved up and ready to go.

Can't forget the stuffing!  This one is apple & sausage with fresh French bread.

This may look like dog food but it is a kick butt sweet potato casserole.  I used my aunt's recipe that she got a long time ago from a neighbor she had in Georgia.  I think the key is the thick, sweet, crunchy crust.  It was amazing!

While it may appear that Wyatt is extremely satisfied with his meal, he is really rubbing gravy all over his shirt.  I gave him a little bit of everything, but he only ate the cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole.  He might have had a bite or two of stuffing, but it was hard to tell in the food shrapnel that was his covering his high chair.

After devouring my amazing food it was time for Wyatt's bath & bedtime.  Then we had some wine and good conversation until it was time for dessert!  This pecan pie cheesecake was SO good last year I had to make it again.  This time I decided to make that luscious looking salted caramel sauce. It was a fail!  It was creamy deliciousness until it hit that cold cheesecake.  I had to peel off that topping from the cheesecake in order to eat it.  Boo!  But at least the cheesecake turned out well!

What was on your table for Thanksgiving?


  1. Ohhh my gosh that gooey dessert. So gorgeous. I want Thanksgiving all over again.

  2. what wasnt on my table was this fabulous cheesecake! WHICH I WISH WAS!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I made a pecan pie cheesecake for Thanksgiving this year too. It was so awesome! This was the third time I've made it, and I did it with a chocolate ganache glaze...super yummy.


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