Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

 I'm back from my Christmas blog break.  We had an amazing time over the holidays.  My sis and mom made the trek to Canada to celebrate our last Christmas here.

The stockings were hung (a little late!) on the bookshelf.  I wanted to put them on the mantle, but Wyatt was trying to pull them down as soon as I put them up.  As you can see, Wyatt's holder has his favorite thing drawn on it, a school bus.  The kid is obsessed!

Our festivities started off with Christmas Eve, we made some early afternoon appetizers to tide us over until dinner.  First up was a simple but delicious crostini with goat cheese, apricot-riesling jelly and prosciutto.

Appetizer #2 ended up being my mom's favorite food of her whole trip here... White Pizza Dip from How Sweet Eats.  It's easy to make and oh so tasty!  The four of us ate about half of it on Christmas Eve, and have been savoring the leftovers.

We ate dinner at 5:00 so Wyatt could enjoy it with us.  Madre made us a delicious Noche Buena meal.  We had to show off our Cuban heritage on Christmas Eve of course!  On the table is Lechon (roast pork), yuca, black beans and avocado salad.  Unfortunately the fried plantains had to be tossed because they were wayyyy too well done, booo.

We gave Wyatt a little bit of everything to try, but he only ate the black beans.  The messiest food always gets his vote!

You can't have a holiday dinner without some dessert!  My mom usually makes flan (hers is the BEST I've ever had).  But we decided to switch it up and make a Tres Leches.  It could have used a little more sauce, but it definitely hit the spot.  It's a recipe I would definitely make again!

See you guys tomorrow for my Christmas day recap!  Do you do any celebrating on Christmas Eve?

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