Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day Food & Fun!

Happy New Years Eve!  Anyone have any exciting plans?  I'll live vicariously through you since my crazy night will most likely involve eating cake and falling asleep around 10, woohoo.  Now onto one of our best days last week... Christmas!  Wyatt was staring at the tree as soon as we walked down the stairs.

Jay helped Wyatt figure out his big gift from Santa, a fancy kitchen.  Wyatt has been playing with this every day since Christmas.  He loves to "Cook lemon".

Auntie Andi was there helping Wyatt unwrap his presents.  There were SO many!  The kid is spoiled for sure.

The lucky kid didn't get just one bus, he got three.  I tried to tell my family to stop buying buses but nobody listened.

Wyatt got some nice gator gear too!  Too bad we are moving to the one city that hates gators, haha.  I will dress him in those anyway :)

Now onto the food!  We had another day of appetizer lunch.  First up, cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon.  They look pretty much burnt in the pic, but they were SO tasty!  I stuffed them with 2 types of Canadian cheese... Oka and Niagara Gold.  Getting in all our Canadian goodies while we can.

I had phyllo dough in the freezer I needed to use, so I came up with the idea of making caramelized onion cups.  I'm so happy they came out great.  They tasted almost like French onion soup.

After playing with Wyatt most of the day, it was on to dinner!  My husband was in charge of cooking an Italian Christmas dinner.  We started with his antipasto salad.  It is the best!

Then for our main meal we ate manicotti, meatballs and sausage.  Everything on the table was made from scratch by Jay.  I'm so lucky I married such an amazing cook!

I was in charge of dessert.  I bought the cannoli shells from the grocery store, but made the filling from scratch.  They were good, but I felt like something was missing.  I don't think these will be on my menu again anytime soon.

We were so lucky to have family and awesome food for Christmas!  Wyatt is one lucky little boy with lots of people to spoil him. I'm already looking forward to our next Christmas, when we will be a little closer to home in Florida.  What was your favorite part of your Christmas holiday?

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  1. Clearly I need to try some Canadian cheese! I haven't heard of either of those cheese! But wrapped in bacon they look delicious! And oh me oh my, I LOVE a good Italian feast! It all looks delicious! :)

  2. Your dinner looks amazing! Mmmm. I love homemade Italian food.


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