Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tone it Up Pancake Love

Happy almost Friday!  Just wanted to share with you guys something I have been eating for breakfast for a while... Tone it Up Protein Pancakes.

healthy...topped with strawberries and a drizzle of honey
 They are very simple to prepare but take some patience to perfect.  Follow the recipe instructions carefully!  When I've tried to rush it I end up with a bowl of pancake mush instead of a proper pancake.

naughty...dulce de leche

These pancakes make for an awesome protein packed breakfast.  It is some good fuel for an action packed morning with this little guy....

You can be very creative with the toppings, and sometimes I get a little decadent with some chocolate chips and walnuts.  Shhhhh....don't tell ;)

naughtiest...choc chips and walnuts....these look a little darker because I cooked them a tad longer than usual.
Do you ever make protein pancakes? What do you top them with?

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  1. I loveee protein pancakes, they are so hearty. These look whoa good.


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