Monday, May 19, 2014

Getting Our Dim Sum On

After watching the Toronto episode of the Layover on Saturday, our goal was to hit up one of the tasty restaurants Anthony Bourdain spoke about during the show.  The last time we had dim sum was in San Francisco before Wyatt was born, so Dim Sum it was!  We made the 40 minute trek to Chinatown and went to Forestview Chinese Restaurant.  The place was packed, but luckily we were sat right away.

I have never been to a Dim Sum restaurant where the carts just roll by and you don't get a menu. The first cart strolled by us about a minute after we sat down.  Unfortunately we didn't understand the women who were pushing the carts too well.  They pointed...we pointed... they said it was good... we sometimes said yes.  Sometimes it worked out, sometimes it did not.  One case where it didn't, some type of squid dish?  Not really sure.  But it was fishy and a little tough, boo.

One dish we were 100% certain of what it was, chicken wings.  They look plain, but man were they delicious!  They were super crispy and juicy.  They had great flavor, but I couldn't pick out what it was.  They were devoured pretty quickly.

Steamed buns... something I always love and never pass up.

What we thought were spring rolls were shrimp wontons, this was definitely one the better dishes. The shrimp were perfectly cooked and the wrap was super crispy without being greasy.

We took a risk on these dumplings, which had an oniony shrimp filling.  The wrap was very gelatinous!  The flavor was good, but the texture totally threw me off, blech.

These little shrimpies looked good but fell short.  Jay ate one and said they were not worth the effort.  I didn't even try it.

We decided to let one more cart pass by before we called it a day.  Pork Shumai was one of the things I understood... done!  It was a good ending to a decent meal.

Forestview was a very interesting experience, but I don't think we will be returning.  The food wasn't that great, and the language barrier made it hard to figure out what was being carted around.  But I'm glad we went this one time.  I can't wait to go back to the city to try out more of Toronto's eats.


  1. i've only tried dim sum once, and was equally "meh" about it. maybe it's an acquired taste?! :)

  2. I love dim sum!! We have many dim sum places in Seattle and most of them are always busy. I'm very picky when it comes to dim sum. I don't like anything too greasy but apparently that us the norm at many places! ;)


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