Thursday, May 1, 2014

Flying with a Baby - Do's and Don'ts!

Wyatt has now had 3 flights in his lifetime.  His first flight was our move to Canada.  His next two flights were a roundtrip flight back home to Florida for Christmas.  I am by no means a travel expert here, but this is what I have learned so far...

DO - Bring your own carseat
Airlines do not charge for carseats when you bring them as luggage.  We brought ours one time, and rented one one time.  The rental was horrible!  The quality was not very good, it was hard to install, and the rental agent couldn't help us for "liability reasons". Bringing your own is safer and cheaper.

DO - Strategize your Seating
We usually choose aisle and window seats towards the back of the plane.  It's the lowest chance of someone sitting in the middle.  That way there is a good chance you can get a nice space for your baby without having to buy a seat.  The only time it did not work for us was on a totally full flight.  In that case, the hubby switched with the middle seat passenger and he was happy for that (at least until Wyatt started crying).

Chillin in the hotel room
DO - Bring lots of (quiet) toys
Bring your baby's favorites or new ones.  The more the merrier, especially since most of them tend to get thrown on the floor, and you don't want to give those back to the baby after that happens.

DON'T - Overpack
We made that mistake on our move to Canada.  We packed too many things that we never even used during our two weeks without our stuff.  We should have kept it simple.  My poor husband was dragging two carts of luggage, which we almost lost in a lake due to a little bit of a slope in a hotel parking lot.  No bueno!

The hubby with our two carts of absurdly too much luggage

DO - Nurse or Bottle During Take-off and Landing
This helps alleviate the pressure in the baby's ears.  We did this on all our flights and take-off and landing always went smoothly.

DO - Bring Snacks
If your baby can eat solid foods, bring some mouth occupying snacks along.  It will keep them from yelling temporarily, hehe.  Some of my faves are organic "cheerios", baby mum mums, and bananas.

Wyatt with daddy on our way to Toronto!

DON'T - Freak Out
This is easier than said than done.  I of course freaked out as soon as Wyatt started wailing on one of our flights.  Luckily my husband was there to calm me down.  Take a few deep breaths if you start getting anxious about your baby acting up.  Calm mommy will hopefully translate to calm child.

Any tips or questions about traveling with a baby?


  1. Ah thank you for this!! Getting ready to travel this weekend with the almost 1-year old...this is great! And I was wondering where you had run off too - glad to see your new place!!


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