Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wyatt Turns One

Wyatt's big day was April 17.  We were so lucky to have all my family come up from Florida and Denver for his first birthday.  The day started with me finishing up Wyatt's smash cake.  

As you can see I'm an expert at cake decorating ;)
 Since Wyatt has a pretty early bedtime, we wanted to make our lunch his big birthday meal.  He was so lucky to have a slider and fries expertly cooked by daddy.

Everyone needs some junk food on their birthday
 Wyatt picked at his food for a little while then ended up eating just a few of his fries.

Why is everyone staring at me while I eat?
 Then it was cake time!
not so sure about this cake thing

mmm... but the frosting takes good

the sugar high has hit!
Wyatt didn't eat too much of his cake, or smash it. But I am pretty sure liked it!  After he was cleaned off it was time to open presents.

Auntie Andi always gives me the good stuff
 Then we attempted his 12 month photo shoot.  First of all, I couldn't believe that we finished his series of ties!  When my sis gave them to me, I could never picture getting to the end.  Now they are all gone... boooo. Wyatt must have not liked that either, because he was not having it.  I couldn't get one smile out of him.  I even pulled out all my tricks, like saying "poopy". That little boy was not budging.

the sugar high has left the building
 It has been a whirlwind of a year.  Everyone told me his first year of life would fly by, and it truly did. We had an amazing day filled with laughter, love and family!  I am so excited to see what his next birthday has in store for us.

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  1. I cannot believe Wyatt is already 1!!!! I remember reading along with your pregnancy journey and now he is already one. Congrats! He is so adorable :)


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